Presentations On Demand

Made By Our Education Team

WAYCJ's Education Team makes multiple presentations throughout the months, here is where you can find all of them on demand.

Colonialism and the Climate

This presentation discusses the history of colonialism, and how it has impacted colonized countries. It also covers how the climate crisis is rooted in colonialism.

History of the Civil Rights Movement

The Intersections of Racial and Climate Justice

Pride Month Presentations 

Our amazing Education Team made 3 presentations to help educate everyone about Pride, The Stonewall Riots and Queer POC being oppressed by the Criminal Justice System.

The Local History of Pride and the Black Liberation Movement

This presentation covers the history of LGBTQ+ struggles, and the Black Panther Party in Washington state. We discuss the progress that has been made, and how organizers have helped lift up their communities, even when the government didn’t.

Queer POC and the Criminal Justice System

In this presentation we examine the many ways queer POC are systemically oppressed by the criminal justice system, and why they are more likely to engage with it.

The Stonewall Riots

This presentation highlights the Stonewall Riots, including various key figures that paved the way in the fight for Queer liberation. It also discusses the intersections between Black and Queer liberation, and how we see these demonstrated today.

Earth Day Mobile-izations

Between April 22nd and April 24th, we had 18 different workshops that took place online. Here you can find the recordings and translations for most of those presentations. Unfortunately, we did run into some technical issues so not everything got recorded, but we got what we could! Those that do not have a recording have the presentation linked instead. 

Shaping 2021 Climate Legislation

OurClimate, a youth-focused climate legislation organization, hosted a listening room to get direct insight from youth on what type of climate policy we want to see in the 2021 legislative session. This recording spans the first half-hour of the session where they give details of what the organization does, an overview of the last legislative session, and their plan for the future. 

Direct Action for Divestment 

In this online direct action, we target Washington state corporations and institutions that are investing in fossil fuels, demanding them to divest by mass calling, emailing, twitter-storming, and more. Spanish Hindi