Demands with BLM Movement

1. Defund the Seattle Police Department by 50% at least.

2. Amnesty for all protestors.

3. Invest in our Black community-mental health, public housing, education and more.

4. Immediately halt the No New Youth Jail project.

5. The resignation of Mayor Durkan.

6. Mandatory and comprehensive BIPOC history education.

7. Ban on all sweeps of houseless encampments

8. Rent/reparations paid to the Duwamish tribe.

Our COVID19 Response Demands

1. A just transition to the Green New Deal post-pandemic.

2. Free childcare for all emergency workers.

3. Free COVID19 testing for all people, regardless of immigration status,

4. An immediate freeze on rent, mortgage, utility, and student loan payments.

5. The re-purpose of all unoccupied buildings (including college dorms, non-essential places of business, and schools) to provide shelter to those without a house.

6. Hazard pay for all essential workers.

7. The just release of all people in jails, prisons, or detention centers with non-violent offenses.

8. Converting all non-essential factories to produce personal protective equipment for health care workers and those on the frontlines. 

Our Platform

Platform and Demands

This set of positions should not be read as a simple set of demands to be put forward, but rather as samplings of larger, more comprehensive policy plans constructed for each of these issues. This set outlines not only what we feel is necessary to combat the climate crisis, but also addresses the necessary intersections of climate justice. 


Energy and Environmental Regulations

  • Net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. This is the necessary timeline to stay below 2 degrees of warming.

  • Free public transport throughout the whole state to reduce emissions from cars, and green, electricity-powered public transit..

  • A full move to renewable energy by 2030.

    • Increased production of energy from wind and solar power in Eastern WA. The dams on the Columbia River must be removed to preserve the river’s ecosystem, in accordance with the demands made by the Yakama Nation.

    • Continued use of hydropower in Western WA.

    • PSE must fully convert to renewable energy and stop the use of natural gas.

    • A renewable, flexible power grid that is localized to specific areas and publicly owned by residents of that community.

  • A comprehensive plan to protect and ensure public ownership and management of the state’s vulnerable ecosystems.

  • A plan to protect and restore marine wildlife species central to the economy, ecosystem, and the livelihoods of indigenous tribes.

  • Reparations for all communities disproportionately impacted by the consequences of climate change, namely the Black, Indigenous, and Disabled communities.

  • A healthcare plan specific to those who have been affected by pollution.

  • The end of plastic use. (While we do not expect individuals to go plastic-free, as it is inaccessible and difficult for the vast majority of people, we demand statewide legislation that allows for the removal of plastic products from the economy and for sustainable alternatives to be made cheaper and more accessible.)

  • Mandatory composting.

  • Sustainable and responsible removal of waste.

  • An immediate alternative to our landfill.

    • Note: Waste and pollution is not the fault of consumers, but rather the culture of consumerism within capitalism. By abolishing capitalism and implementing an economy focused on people over profit, we can massively reduce the amount of plastic and other harmful products used and wasted, as well as the contribution of large industries to the climate crisis.

Economic Justice

  • The immediate transition from an extractive, capitalist economy, to a regenerative socialist one that, rather than being run for profit, is run to fulfill the needs of the people

  • Ending the privatization of social resources, i.e. land, water, and other utilities 

  • The expropriation of wealth from the capitalist class, to fund universal housing, education, and healthcare via a graduated income tax for those with assets worth over 5 million dollars

  • Shifting the decision-making authority from a small host of CEOs and businessmen to the working class, entailing the public ownership of the ‘means of production:’ factories, farms, businesses, schools, and all institutions whose outputs are required for society to function

  • Funding free job training programs for workers previously engaged in unsustainable industries like oil rig operators, strip miners, and factory farming

  • The creation or expansion of a social security system to ensure the elderly can live with dignity until the end of their lives

  • Providing reparations in the form of community development


Criminal Justice

  • The abolition of the police force and reallocation of funds to housing projects, mental health aid, reparations, and other social services

  • The end of the school-to-prison pipeline, the conversion of youth prisons to community centers, homeless shelters, and public kitchens

  • The prosecution of all officers accused of murder, excessive force, sexual harassment, or other misconduct

  • Freeing all people imprisoned for drug possession and sex work

  • Giving prisoners the uninhibited right to vote

  • Closing all for-profit prisons, and transitioning federal prisons into rehabilitation centers

  • Replacing fines and prison time with restorative justice and community service

  • Pardoning all political prisoners, including Mumia Abu-Jamal, Reverend Joy Powell, and Ana Belen Montes



  • Abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement and immediately reform Customs and Border Patrol to end to raids on immigrant communities

  • Expand DACA to protect all children brought to the United States

  • Grant amnesty for all undocumented immigrants, and allow a pathway to citizenship for all

  • Immediately close all detention centers

  • End the practice of family separation and reunite separated families

  • Allow international students to study in the US during the COVID pandemic 

  • Immediately cease all deportation

  • Create an entirely new system for asylum seekers that is fair and just.



  • A comprehensive and sustainable housing plan that combats exclusionary zoning, gentrification, and homelessness.

  • The use of renewable energy in new housing construction, including solar infrastructure.

  • The building of vertical, multi-family housing, particularly in urban areas.

  • Rent control policies and the expansion of low-income housing.

  • The dissolution of unused land and dilapidated buildings into the community for functions such as parks, affordable housing, and community centers.

  • The end to gatekeeping access to public housing based on past drug records


  • Mandate comprehensive BIPOC education, classes that include the histories of marginalized people via textbook reform and a curriculum developed by BIPOC voices

  • Eliminate the school to prison pipeline through:

    • Getting police out of schools (No SROs)

    • Implementing systems of support such as nurses and mental health professionals

  • Implement transformative disciplinary systems that do not revolve around punishment

  • Equalize public school funding by disconnecting it from local property taxes

  • Ban for-profit charter schools

  • Make public college free for all students, regardless of immigration status

  • Cancel all outstanding student loan debt 

  • Replace ineffective abstinence-only sex education with comprehensive, age-appropriate education that covers safety and consent

  • Allow international students to study in the US during the COVID pandemic


Political Justice

  • The establishment of a new constitution in which human rights are enshrined as law and the interests of working people, the oppressed and marginalized, are protected

  • Universal human rights, detailed here, including the right to housing, to work, to education, and to an adequate standard of living that shall not be infringed upon.

  • Participation in government guaranteed through the democratization of the workplace and community, replacing professional politicians with the political mobilization of the working class

  • That no law be enacted or upheld that discriminates against any person based on race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexuality, gender, or other status

  • All elected officials being held only to their constituents and their obligations to work for the common good, and therefore being recallable at any time by their constituents.

  • Anyone should be able to run for political office regardless of socioeconomic status, all political campaigns should be publicly funded



  • The right of self-determination for all peoples, especially Black and Indigenous people of color

  • The re-negotiation of all treaties made by settlers with Native tribes with greater bargaining power given to Indigenous communities and leadership

  • The formal restoration of land rights to indigenous people 

  • Reparations towards Indigenous communities through programs that direct taxes towards Indigenous communities to compensate for the unjust use of Indigenous land, resources, and livelihoods.

  • The end of the colonial domination of Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, the Northern Mariana Islands, Samoa, and Guam.

  • Provisioning reparations to Puerto Rico in the form of disaster aid, debt relief aid, congressional voting representation, voting power in US presidential elections, and the right to self-determination.

  • Abolishing the systems that have perpetuated the destruction of Native culture; i.e. Capitalism and White Supremacy, and immediately ending any practices that are destructive to the environment, or will cause harm to Indigenous communities such as fracking, pipeline construction, dams, deforestation, detrimental fisheries, etc.

  • Centering Indigenous voices in the efforts to protect and restore the environment

  • With the approval and total oversight of Indigenous leadership, giving funding to the construction of public infrastructure on reservations, including paved roads, waterworks, electric and wireless utilities, hospitals, schools, and mental health services

  • Revitalizing Indigenous culture through funding Native-led mass educational programs, museums, cultural centers, and efforts to record Native history and languages

  • Removing Columbus Day from being a national, federal holiday, and recognize the systemic oppression against Native people as a result of colonization and European Imperialism

  • The re-evaluation of curriculum around European colonization to focus on the voices of those being oppressed including Indigenous and Native communities

  • Expanding the Violence Against Women Act for women in Native American and Indigenous country by providing funding and resources for tribes to allow tribal governments to exercise their right to criminal jurisdiction over non-tribal members

Foreign Policy

  • An end to endless and unnecessary wars

  • The end of foreign military intervention in all its forms, whether direct military presence, or the training, arming, or funding of non-American forces

  • Abolishing the Central Intelligence Agency, and its ability to spy on, assassinate and intimidate local and foreign leaders

  • Supporting the complete withdrawal of troops and American influence from all 150 countries where they are currently stationed

  • Defunding the 700 billion dollar military budget and invest in community development

  • Lifting all sanctions impacting food and medicine transport to other nations

  • Closing Guantanamo Bay and extraditing the detainees back to their home countries

  • Ending US support of the intervention in Yemen, transferring funds to humanitarian aid

  • Supporting and aiding the people of Palestine, and acknowledging their right to a homeland 

  • Acknowledging and supporting the right of Jewish people to a homeland 

  • Ending our subsidization of Israel’s military

  • Ending the annexation of Palestine and the creation of settlements in Palestinian lands

  • Supporting democracy around the globe to promote the welfare and rights of the people

  • Supporting the internal and international nuclear disarmament

  • Ending Presidential Authorization for Use of Military Force (and Define ability to wage war as only within Congress’ power)

  • Allowing American war criminals like Henry Kissinger and George W. Bush to be prosecuted and tried on a global stage


Labor Justice

  • A federal Jobs Guarantee with priority to frontline and marginalized communities

  • Expand union membership and presence of unions in all workplaces

  • Support and make as accessible as possible the ability for workers to organize

  • Grant unions  certification if the majority of eligible workers consent

  • Enact “first contract” provisions

  • Establish measures against firing workers without cause

  • Eliminate “Right to Work for Less” laws and guarantee the right for domestic and farm workers to unionize

  • Demand an across the board, federal minimum wage of $15 per hour, and annual cost-of-living raises (around ~3% annually)

  • Increase employees’ shares in their companies, and require employee and union representatives in all company meetings

  • Decriminalize and destigmatize sex work

  • Prosecute companies and businesses that are anti-union and make it impossible for workers to unionize

  • Make it impossible (close legal loopholes and leniency) for employers to prevent unionization

  • Pass a Green New Deal for agriculture (funding reeducation policies to retrain workers who were employed in polluting industries such as unsustainable farming, lumber, or dams, and guaranteeing them state jobs in clean energy production)

  • Deny federal contracts to companies that pay poverty wages, outsource jobs overseas, engage in union-busting, deny good benefits, and pay CEOs outrageous compensation packages

Racial Justice

Acknowledgment: we additionally fully support the beliefs and demands of the Black Lives Matter movement, read them here

  • Reparations from the state: America is the wealthiest country in the world and yet there is an almost $100,000 difference in income between the median white and the median Black family as well as a stark contrast in generational wealth that was created by the forced enslavement of Black people, the continued oppression following emancipation. This gap must be closed and the best solution is to issue reparations to Black Americans paid for by the government, big corporations and businesses that profited from enslavement. Read the Case for Reparations by Ta Nehisi-Coates here.

  • Invest in schools with majority BIPOC student populations: Every year public school budgets shrink and schools with primarily students of color struggle. Reinvest in minority schools and the students who attend them.

  • Defund the police: The police work to protect objects and preserve the system of capitalism, at the cost of human life. The police are white supremacy in action and must be ended.

  • Above all, we affirm that there can be no climate justice until there is racial justice  

LGBTQ+ and Gender Justice 

  • Ending the trans and gay panic defense in federal and state courts

  • Protecting essential healthcare rights, including the right to an abortion, gender confirmation surgery, and ensuring access to general healthcare through anti-discrimination laws

  • Passing the Equality Act, the Paycheck Fairness Act, and the Every Child Deserves a Family Act

  • Expanding the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children to cover pregnant mothers

  • Passing the Equal Rights Amendment and enforcing Title IX

  • Providing positive infrastructure to counter lgbt+ suicides, including anti-bullying programs, increasing aid to at-risk and homeless youth, and increasing the size and awareness of mental health resources


  • A comprehensive, single-payer healthcare system that covers all Americans

  • Equal access to healthcare regardless of race, gender identity, sexuality, or ability

  • Enacting the Prescription Drug Relief Act to cut the prices of essential medication 

  • Eliminating medical debt