Platform and Demands

Demands for Black Lives Matter

1. Defund the Seattle Police Department.

2. Release all protesters who are in police custody.

3. Invest in our community-mental health, public housing, education and more.

Our COVID19 Response Demands

1. A just transition to the Green New Deal post-pandemic.

2. Free childcare for all emergency workers.

3. Free COVID19 testing for all people, regardless of immigration status,

4. An immediate freeze on rent, mortgage, utility, and student loan payments.

5. The re-purpose of all unoccupied buildings (including college dorms, non-essential places of business, and schools) to provide shelter to those without a house.

6. Hazard pay for all essential workers.

7. The just release of all people in jails, prisons, or detention centers with non-violent offenses.

8. Converting all non-essential factories to produce personal protective equipment for health care workers and those on the frontlines. 

Our Platform

This set of positions should not be read as a simple set of demands to be put forward, but rather as samplings of larger, more comprehensive policy plans constructed for each of these issues. This set outlines not only what we feel is necessary to combat the climate crisis, but also addresses the necessary intersections of climate justice. 


Net Zero

We demand Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2030 in Washington as is necessary in order to stay below a 2 degrees Celsius climate temperature increase, which if not reached, would be catastrophic for ecosystems. 

  • We demand a free green public transportation system throughout the whole state.

  • We ask for electric or hybrid buses to be phased in by 2025 and replace all gas-only buses.

  • We support the reinvestment of public funds used for the maintenance of various roads into the production of effective, environmentally friendly public transportation.


We support a GND for agriculture throughout Washington State. 

  • We support the socialization of privately owned (by large corporations or the very wealthy), but unproductive land for the purpose of national food security and/or reforestation

  • We demand the use of the methods of the state, be they incentives, oversight or public seizure in order to ensure the sustainable production of livestock (low-waste and free of emissions).

  • We demand the use of government instituted incentives, regulation and oversight in order to increase the amount of sustainable, local, and plant-based food choices in grocery stores. 

  • We ask for the institution of publicly owned and funded food gardens, which would provide vegetables and other supplementary food items to the communities without access to these goods. 

  • We demand access to sustainable and healthy food choices in schools

  • We support the restriction/outlawing of certain environmentally harmful industrial-agricultural fertilizers. 

  • We support the better management and distribution of food waste into compost and other sustainable options.



We support the full, state-mandated move to 100% renewable energy production by 2030.

  • We call for further social ownership on state energy corporations, increasing power for the people.

  • We support efficient solar and wind power grids for Eastern WA.

  • We support the efficient use of hydropower for Western WA.

  • We demand that state legislation mandates state energy utilities such as PSE to fully convert to green energy.

  • We encourage cities to build and run their own power plants as opposed to sourcing from other energy inefficient states.

  • We support drawing infrastructure inspiration from the Bullitt Center.


Indigenous Rights and Decolonization

We demand the full protection and restoration of the rights of indigenous people, including, but not limited to, cultural, social, economic, political and full self-determination over the lands designated via treaties, including ones violated by the US government. We support a full and comprehensive plan for decolonization and self-determination of all oppressed nationalities and colonies in the United States.

  • We recognize that indigenous sovereignty is climate justice and central to the environmental movement. 

  • We believe that both federally and locally, nations need to be recognized and thus reparations and funding can be made. 

    • Local governments can start with implementing Real Rent Duwamish or similar initiatives in their cities as taxes until this recognition. 

    • Governments must recognize that rising sea levels, shifts in species’ life cycles, and changes in forestry have limited resources available to indigenous people and must make reparations accordingly.

  • Decolonization includes first and foremost respecting the lands of the First Nations People. This absolutely excludes any forms of fracking, pipelines, water pollution, or detrimental fisheries.

    • The Liquid Natural Gas Pipeline (LNG) spanning from British Columbia to Oregon must be stopped. This $6.6 billion pipeline will bulldoze and log native land, erasing and impacting cultural sites and artifacts. 

  • Indigenous voices must be not only heard but centered in environmental protection, cleanup, and planning. 



We demand a comprehensive sustainable housing plan which is energy efficient, renewable, and safely constructed. This plan must combat gentrification, exclusionary zoning, segregation, and speculation. We support a move towards vertical housing in the form of skyscrapers, rather than the horizontal expansion of housing. 

  • We ask to prioritize multi-family housing.

  • We demand instituting building policies such as more protected land, no gas lines in new homes, limited and reusable materials, and an overall push towards solar infrastructure and housing.


Just Transition 

We demand a comprehensive just transition plan that builds dual power and counter-institutions that will shift the economic, social and political paradigm from an extractive, capitalist economy into a regenerative, socialist economy.

  • We support bringing the state power grid under democratic workers' control, rather than private corporations.

  • We support funding reeducation policies to retrain workers who were employed in polluting industries such as unsustainable farming, lumber, or dams, and guaranteeing them state jobs in clean energy production.

  • We support a general move to public ownership of the means of production, while still supporting small businesses

  • We support a move away from goods that are produced and distributed for the purpose and the assumption of sale towards the production and distribution of goods for use, and the fulfillment of human needs.



We demand a comprehensive education plan that will greatly expand the curriculum about the climate crisis, centering focus on environmental justice.  

  • We support expanding the curriculum around climate change into other subjects where it intersects, such as economics and social studies.
  • We demand the official recognition of capitalism as a major contributor to climate change.

  • We support individual and community education towards sustainable practices.

  • We demand environmental education as a graduation requirement and as a CTE credit.

  • We demand a comprehensive education plan that expands on the connections between societal change and climate change, as well as the crisis itself and its effects.

    • This education plan should be intersectional and discuss related social justice issues, including environmental racism and the effects of climate change on the lives of disabled people.

    • We support the teaching of climate optimism.

    • We support education surrounding proper recycling, composting, and sorting of waste.


Protecting the Sound

  • Marine Biodiversity​​

    • We demand a comprehensive plan to protect and restore marine biodiversity in the Puget Sound area.

    • ​We demand the protection and restoration of shellfish, salmon, and other species central to the economy and/or the lives of indigenous tribes.
  • Public land conservation (wetlands, ecosystems)
    • We demand a comprehensive plan to protect and ensure public ownership and management of the state’s vulnerable ecosystems. 
    • We support a statewide initiative to reverse the damage from any wetland protection redactions.

Statewide waste and recycling programs

We demand a comprehensive recycling plan to manage the distribution of our waste, and recycle harmful heavy metals. 

  • We support an immediate alternative to our landfill, which will soon be full.
  • We support mandatory composting.

  • We demand policies that allow for the removal of plastic use.

  • We demand responsible and sustainable removal of waste.

    • We support House Bill 2645 in relation to this topic.


Disaster relief and mitigation 

We demand a comprehensive plan for increased funding and disaster relief infrastructure in coastline communities.

  • We demand an emergency plan for wildfire smoke and droughts. 
  • We demand the protection of communities and life near the rising sea levels along the Puget Sound. 


Climate Migration and Immigration Policy 

We demand a comprehensive plan to support immigrants fleeing from the climate crisis by allowing residence and establishing programs to support them once they arrive.

  • We demand official state support of federal immigration policies that allow for the protection of immigrants fleeing the effects of climate change.
  • We support policies that allow for job creation for immigrants and the improvement of their working conditions.

Environmental Justice  

We support reparations for marginalized communities that have been impacted by pollution and environmental damage

  • We demand focused health care plans for marginalized communities whose health is negatively affected by pollution.
  • We demand a reversal of discriminatory zoning laws in Washington that have perpetuated environmental racism.