Our Team
Our Team

Kimaya Mahajan 

Executive Coordinator

Kimaya Mahajan (she/her) is a junior in high school and she serves as the Executive Coordinator for WAYCJ. Her activism is rooted in anti-capitalism to create a society that is sustainable for the people, and the environment. When she's not actively organizing towards the revolution, Kimaya plays basketball and spends time with her friends.

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Madison Grant 

Co Press Coordinator

Madison is 15 years old and is one of the WAYCJ Press Coordinators. She is passionate about her role because she believes our generation controls the future and that we need to start creating answers for severe problems like climate change now. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, and painting. 

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Parisa Harvey

Co Press Coordinator

Parisa Harvey is a high school junior from Seattle, WA and is one of WAYCJ's Press Coordinators. She joined WAYC in summer 2019 because of their commitment to social justice. WAYCJ recognizing that capitalism and colonialism are the root causes of the climate crisis and that all of the work we do needs to be connected to these systems of oppression really drew her in. She is grateful to play a small piece in the puzzle to share our vision! Outside of activism, she loves hiking and exploring our beautiful backyard in the PNW. She also enjoys writing/journalism, playing volleyball, picnicking, trying out new vegetarian recipes, and going to concerts.