Meet the Team 


Madison Grant 

Co Press Coordinator

Madison is 15 years old and is one of the WAYCJ Press Coordinators. She is passionate about her role because she believes our generation controls the future and that we need to start creating answers for severe problems like climate change now. Her hobbies include writing, drawing, and painting. 

Our Team 

Parisa Harvey

Co Press Coordinator

Parisa Harvey is a high school junior from Seattle, WA and is one of WAYCJ's Press Coordinators. She joined WAYC in summer 2019 because of their commitment to social justice. WAYCJ recognizing that capitalism and colonialism are the root causes of the climate crisis and that all of the work we do needs to be connected to these systems of oppression really drew her in. She is grateful to play a small piece in the puzzle to share our vision! Outside of activism, she loves hiking and exploring our beautiful backyard in the PNW. She also enjoys writing/journalism, playing volleyball, picnicking, trying out new vegetarian recipes, and going to concerts. 

Ria Mehra

Creative Coordinator

Ria Mehra is a sophmore in high school and is excited to be working as the Creative Coordinator for Washington Youth For Climate Justice. Being a part of WAYCJ has let her find a perfect intersection between her love of art and her love for the environment! She has worked with WAYCJ for a few months now and is excited to continue fighting for her future along with her fellow organizers and friends.

Nara Kim

Communication Coordinator 

Nara Kim (she/her) is a senior at Shorewood HS and serves as the Communications Coordinator for WAYCJ. She advocates for a complete overhaul of the systems that perpetuate the climate crisis and the issues it’s intersected with. Outside of organizing, she loves hanging out with her dogs, Khong & Rocky.

Amelia Hawkins 

Finance  Coordinator

Amelia Hawkins is a high school senior from Kirkland, Washington. She is a climate activist and a women’s rights advocate and has been with Washington Youth For Climate Justice since May 2019. She is grateful to be a part of this youth-led grassroots movement and is passionate about working with organizers throughout the state to enact lasting change. 

Riya Sharma

Policy Coordinator

Riya Sharma is a high school junior from Bellevue, WA, and serves as Washington Youth For Climate Justice's policy coordinator. Much of her work revolves around balancing the importance of electoral politics while remaining true to WAYCJ's strong anti-capitalist values. She is grateful to be part of a movement that stresses the importance of intersectionality, grassroots organizing, and youth-led activism. Outside of WAYCJ, she loves to write poems, read books, or listen to good music.

Jolie Barga

Development Coordinator

Jolie is a sophmore in high school and she is currently the development coordinator for WAYCJ, she  joined WAYCJ in May 2019 because she wants to  achieve justice for the environment and marginalized communities. She also actively advocates for Latinx and womxns rights. Her other interests outside of activism are playing badminton, bike riding and painting.

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