Sherae Lascelles-43rd LD Position 2

WAYCJ is proud to endorse Sherae Lascelles for State House of Representatives. Sherae has a history of defending and uplifting the marginalized in their community. They have run a grassroots campaign and pleged to take no money from corporate PACs. When elected, Sherae will fight for the people of Washington, working to secure universal healthcare, racial justice, climate action, and the decriminalization of sex work. WAYCJ stands by Sherae Lascelles for State.

Jason Call-  Congress WA-02

Jason Call has a history of fighting for the needs of ordinary people, and Washington Youth for Climate Justice supports him as he takes that fight to congress. Jason Call will work to secure our needs- Universal healthcare, employment protection, criminal justice reform, and climate action-for the people of district 2. When elected, he will strive to take corporate money out of politics, promote equality, and ensure that the most vulnerable people in our nation can get the help they need. WAYCJ endorses Jason Call for Congress.

Rebecca Parson- Congress WA-06

We are excited to endorse Rebecca Parson for Congress as we believe she has a strong and thoughtful understanding of progressive policy and social, economic, and climate justice. She will push for much-needed legislation like the Green New Deal and Medicare for All, and her organizing experience and history of progressive values make her an excellent candidate.

Kirsten Harris Talley- 37th LD Position 2

WAYCJ is happy to announce our official endorsement for Kirsten Harris Talley for state representative LD37. Her platform prioritizes intersectionality and she holds strong in her progressive policy beliefs. With an organizing and activism background, Kirsten speaks true to WAYCJ's values of grassroots power. Her strong legislative understanding and continuous support of coalitions and unions renders her a phenomenal candidate that we are proud to endorse.

Joshua Collins- Congress WA-10 

Joshua has a deep understanding of the many intersections of the climate crisis, and of the political and economic systems that have caused it. As an unapologetic socialist, Joshua is actively working to dismantle these systems and attack the climate crisis at its roots. We trust him to represent in congress the interests of both disproportionately affected communities and youth.

Bernie Sanders- President of the United States  

WAYCJ is proud to endorse Bernie Sanders for president of the United States, as he has been an unwavering advocate for climate justice and the issues intersected with it. We firmly believe that he is the only candidate who understands how our country's institutions perpetuate the climate crisis and he is the only candidate with a revolutionary plan to solve the climate crisis with the urgency and scale that this issue requires. 


Recall Durkan

We are in full support of the campaign to recall Jenny Durkan, the mayor of Seattle. Her actions have been abhorrently violent and hypocritical, including her use of chemical weapons against protestors, the brutality of SPD under her watch, her consistent veto-ing of funding for a Seattle Green New Deal, her disregard for our houseless community, and more. For racial, climate, and economic justice, Durkan must go. Go here for more information:

Solidarity Budget

WAYCJ is honored to sign onto the Seattle Solidarity Budget alongside groups such as King County Equity Now, 350 Seattle, Tenants Rights Union WA, and more. This revolutionary budget is essential to justice on all fronts, and is a key step to creating the world we all deserve. You can read more about this budget here:

Tax Amazon

Amazon is a common enemy in the fights for racial, economic, and climate justice. Through their contracts with police and immigration enforcement agencies, gentrifying our communities, and obscene emissions, Amazon's impact on our communities must be fixed. The campaign to tax Amazon is an important step in reducing the power of mega-corporations and billionaires like Jeff Bezos.