The Basics

Welcome to Washington Youth For Climate Justice’s education page. Please take the time to read through this page before going to view the google drive link below. 


WHAT YOU’LL FIND in the google drive are resources that are hard to find through a simple web search. For example, articles/news sources won’t be here, but PDF’s, sections of books/graphic novels, links to documentaries/movies, and less-accessible material will be in this drive. You will also find less about climate change itself, and more regarding its intersections, and political resources to extend our thoughts on solving the crisis. This is because we want to cultivate a space where people can learn about things that aren’t talked about by mainstream media. You will see less about melting ice caps, and more about indigenous sovereignty. You will see less about carbon taxes, and more about anti-capitalism. 


DISCLAIMER: You will find information that is put in by our organizers to create a well-rounded collection of resources. Not every text you see is necessarily indicative of a view/value that our organization holds. For example, if you see a text about eco-fascism, this does not imply that we condone eco-fascism at all. 


USING THE DRIVE is pretty intuitive. We are constantly updating it, but it is primarily organized by main topic (ex. Indigenous Issues, Racial Justice Issues) and within that, there are folders for each type of media (ex. Documentary, PDF). The drive will always be on view-only, but if it isn’t, please be respectful and don’t delete/edit any content. 


ADDING TO THE DRIVE is only for our organizers. However, if you come across a resource that you think would be cool to include, email it to us at (and make sure to credit who created it/where you found it!). 

QUESTIONS about our drive can be directed to us via social media or email. If you believe a resource is flawed, let us know! We’re always working to improve and will accept the feedback. If you have a content-related question (ex. “I don't understand carbon taxes"), you’d best be served by a Google search, contacting an expert, or reaching out to us. Though we don’t have all the answers, lots of our organizers are very knowledgeable and may be able to help