Earth Day 

Between April 22nd and April 24th, we had 18 different workshops that took place online. Here you can find the recordings and translations for most of those presentations. Unfortunately, we did run into some technical issues so not everything got recorded, but we got what we could! Those that do not have a recording have the presentation linked instead. 

Making Change Within the Electoral System- Joshua Collins and Danni 

In this workshop, we were joined by prominent socialist Congressional candidate Joshua Collins and his Policy Director Danni! They talked about making radical changes within the electoral system. This workshop incredibly inspirational and we highly recommend watching it. 


Shaping 2021 Climate Legislation

OurClimate, a youth-focused climate legislation organization, hosted a listening room to get direct insight from youth on what type of climate policy we want to see in the 2021 legislative session. This recording spans the first half-hour of the session where they give details of what the organization does, an overview of the last legislative session, and their plan for the future. 


Fighting for Leftist Values in a Centrist Community

The assumed Democratic nominee, Joe Biden, really shouldn’t even be in the same political party as our endorsee, Bernie Sanders, but here we are. However, we can’t give up on pushing for progressive policy, so this workshop will focus on how to fight for leftist values in a centrist country. Spanish Hindi

Direct Action for Divestment 

In this online direct action, we target Washington state corporations and institutions that are investing in fossil fuels, demanding them to divest by mass calling, emailing, twitter-storming, and more. Spanish Hindi


Leftism: The Basics
In this training, we will learn about leftism, and compare some leftist ideologies, as well as discussing why we believe it is important to utilize these methods in bringing about climate justice! Spanish  Hindi

Mutual aid and Capitalism

In this session, we discuss how the COVID-19 outbreak has exposed a variety of flaws in capitalism, but rather than just a webinar, we’ll also lead the group in online actions that we can take to help one another, how to practice a collective mindset, and participate in mutual aid. Spanish Hindi

Which Washington Corporations are Investing in Climate Catastrophe?  
his workshop focuses on the theme of stopping the money pipeline; you will learn about corporations and other institutions in Washington state that are investing in fossil fuels, from banks to universities. English Spanish Hindi

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